Privacy Policy


In according to the law #196/2003 (binding Code in matter of Personal data protection), which has taken place of Law #675/1996, the usage of your provided information will be driven by the correctness Principles as well as transparency and protection of your privacy and rights. Thus, according to the Law Article 13th of Law #196/2003 referred to the abovementioned Law, hereby we are providing you the information as reported hereon follow: Your spontaneously given information will be used, within the limit set out in the Privacy Statement for the following scope: Full protection within the whole legal means, and particularly with having recourse to legal proceedings, to the rights and interests of the Consumers and Users.
The Codacons Organization is considering only the aware Citizen in matter of his rights can defend himself from any right infringements; due to this it is main mission of such Organization to provide a constant and update flow of information concerning the User’s defending activities in matter of economy, financial, social, politic, in according to National and EU Laws.
The usage of the information will be executed in both digital and paper form. The aware of data concerning name, surname, city, phone number and e-mail address is mandatory in order to allow us to provide you the service information, as well as advice and support service, as requested, or in case, the refuse in providing such data could cause in total, or partially the failure of the provided service; the aware data concerning phone number as well as the e-mail address is optional and has the only scope to consent us to inform and update you about the Company provided services. Hereby we are informing you that any personal data suitable for identify race, religion, politic orientation, syndicate Union , religious organizations, politic organizations as well as the health condition, sexual orientation are private data.
The whole of such data will be not used if not otherwise communicated in written form by your side.
The data will be forwarded , with your previous consent, to the other recipients (Organizations) which share the purpose included in the Codacons Statement in matter of defence of both rights and interests of the User. Commetal Srl is entitled for the using of the data at its premises in Olginate, via Concordia, 49.
The usage of the provided data will be processed at the abovementioned plant by the Department in charge.
At any time you will have the possibility to enforce the rights against the entitled Entity for the data processing in according to Article 7th of Privacy Statement (Article 13th Law #675/1996) and particularly you will have the opportunity of being informed of the processing of your provided data; to obtain without delay the communication of such data and the related origin; its cancellation, the transfer to anonymous form, or the locking of the data that might be used in Low-breakage; as well as the updating, changing or implementation of such data; the demonstration regarding of the abovementioned operations that are aware to those who are informed of, except the case in which such usage might results not applicable or includes not reasonable means when compared to the defended right, to oppose in full or partially due to legitimate reasons; to the personal data usage regarding of you, even if properly classified for the intended data collection.