Quality Office and Lab


Massive productions and related processing management includes the flows of activities necessary to guarantee the conformity of the finished products according at all to the Customer requirements.

Commetal laid down the Quality Management System that provides guidelines and leading frameworks along the whole of process and activities with defining roles, resources and capacities.
Based on the last edition of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards, the Quality Management Guidelines describes, support and co-ordinates the managing frame with its tasks and roles.
Procedure, Standards, Operative Work-Flows Instructions and Control Plan are the directing elements for the QMS.
Such organization, through an accurate planning activity, develops the proper product commissioning process and provides the trceability for incoming raw materials, semi-finished and finished product in the whole production-chain. Each product will results identifiable by the material, manufaturing process and operating tools.
QMS ensure the documenting and recording activities through the entire production chain. At every time the records are kept easily-identifiable for consultation and comparison.
Product tracing reference, as labels and charts, are strictly kept joined with related product in the whole of production and supply chain.
The continous quality improvement, as for the product and process optimization is obtained by a deep monitoring of the activities and is result of the focus on a more and more proactive involvement philosopy we apply to the Company Departements and their Employees in Technical, Finance, Marketing, and Operative area.


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